Šalininkai online

Šalininkai online

  • Metai: 2007
  • Kalba:
  • Žanras: Siaubo, Mistinis, Trileris
  • Trukmė: 1h 42min
  • Šalis: USA
  • Režisavo: Daniel Myrick
  • Aktoriai: Johnny Messner, Jon Huertas, Daniel Benzali, Erik Passoja, ...
While on duty, David Vaughn and Victor Hernandez, two emergency paramedics receive a call from a young girl whose mother has lost consciousness in a deserted area, but they soon discover that the life they have to save may be their own. Kidnapped and locked in an isolated building, David tries to discover the truth behind a secret cult and their beliefs. As Victor's beliefs are challenged and the fine-line between religion and science are crossed, David must find a way to escape and get out, before "they" get him.
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